Avida Towers 34th street BGC - AMENITIES

Essentials and Amenities of Avida Towers 34th BGC

1. Main Lobby - A luxuriantly designed main lobby that leaves an everlasting impression on every entrant. The beautiful lobby is managed by the management staff team of Avida Towers BGC.

2. Separate Mailbox For Every Unit - At Avida Towers 34th Street every unit has a separate mailbox the key of which stays with the owner. These mailboxes are used to drop in important documents and letters without hampering the privacy of the residents.

3. Three Fast Elevators For Each Tower - Three fast moving elevators are present in each tower of Avida Towers 34th BGC which makes it easy and quick for the residents and their guests to commute.

4. Adequate Emergency Power - Avida Towers 34th BGC is ready to meet any kind of emergency situations that arise without any notice. The property has emergency power facility in case there happens a power cut. The residents have to never face any darkness in their homes.

5. Fire Protection And Alarm System - Avida Towers BGC is one of the rare properties that have fire protection systems as well as alarm systems incorporated in the build up for the safety reasons. Hence, one can be assured of the safety of his/her family while investing in the property.

6. Telephones And Cables - All the units of Avida Towers are pre fixed with telephonic as well as cable connections and one can immediately avail the benefits of the same as soon as the shifting is complete.

7. Interner Or Wi-Fi In The Amenity Area - The amenity area of Avida Towers 34th BGC has Wi-Fi facility for the residents. You can easily access the internet while in the amenity zone without any hindrance.

8. Swimming Pool - A giant sized swimming pool for the relaxed and refreshing swimming sessions for the residents is built on the property. All those summer days and nights can be well spent in or by the side of these amazing pools.

9. Playing Area - Playing for kids is as important as working for the elders. It gives them immense pleasure and relaxes their minds unburdening them from the academic pressure of studies. Hence, Avida Towers BGC accommodates a huge playground that the kids can use to play and have fun.

10. Inbuilt Retail Area - What can be better than having a retail center right within the residential premises itself. Avida Towers 34th Street has a retail shopping center on its premises. The residents can easily and quickly avail any essential commodity as and when they require.

  • Main Lobby
  • Mailbox for each unit
  • 3 elevator Units per Tower
  • Adequate Emergency Power
  • Fire Protection/Alarm System
  • Telephone and Cable
  • Provisions
  • Internet (Wi-Fi) Ready (within the amenity area)
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